Success in International Projects
Success in International Projects
Zukunft sichern im Mittelstand
Zukunft sichern im Mittelstand

Experts at Work


You are looking for an internationally networked and interdisciplinary team of practitioners?


Then you will find your partners at winFORS® who will escort you reliably and service you with their expert knowledge.


The winFORS® network of competence is working for your success. As a network of experienced and autonomous professionals, we can assist you in developing your business in a professional manner. 


Below, you will find information on some of our colleagues.



Wolfgang Tuzinsky, Dr.Ing.: Chief Technical Project Manager


Wolfgang has studied technical physics at the Technical University of Munich and has been working on new technologies in various fields just as for the Ariane Rocket Project and for Spaceshuttle Applications. Wolfgang can assist you effectively as a chief project manager in your technical projects.


Alois Kastner Maresch, Dr.: Chief Information Officer


Alois has studied mathematics and runs his own IT-company dealing with artificial intelligence and similar issues. Alois is working as a professor for Information Technology at a German University of Applied Sciences. In our network of experts he takes over developments related to artificial intelligence and IT.

Karlheinz Löhner, Dipl.Ing. (FH) (degreed engineer): Chief Technical Officer


Karlheinz has been working in the textile industry and has planned and set up a number of production facilities in different countries. Furthermore, he is an expert in Energy Management and can assist you in projects targeting to save energy.

Georg Krieger,  Dr.rer.pol.: Business Process Modeling Specialist


Georg has studied political economics with a focus on statistics and marketing. He works as a consultant for sales and marketing processes and is authorized for the design and implementation of Go-Digital projects of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and  Energy of Germany. His industry focus is on industrial SMEs and their wholesale.

Robert Silberhorn, MBA: Business Development and Public Grants


Robert is the initiator of our network. He is an expert in Business Development, Enterprise Strategy and Innovation Management. He has been successfully spurring, organizing and financing more than 200 innovation projects.





  • Asian Company in the electronic sector looking to establish a production facility and R&D in Germany: Local feasibility study, best site, public grants, finding the technical experts to realize the project
  • Asian Company in the automotive field preparing to relocate its production from UK to the European Continent: Comparison of different sites, Evaluation of labour, costs, infrastructure etc.
  • German Company looking to expand into an African country: Establish local facility to educate potential Service people, getting a public grant of 200.000 Euro to support this activity, developping / adapting products feasible for the new market (price, functions)
  • R&D projects with international partners and universities




We offer a wide range of consulting services just as:

  • Support in projects for internationalization
  • Ideation: generating and realizing innovative ideas
  • Developing new products, services and business models
  • Grants for investments and R&D
  • Marketing Support
  • Technical Consulting & Transfer
  • Project and Interim Management


We build a strategic alliance in a multidisciplinary team of economists and engineers of different fields. Tax counselors and attorneys complement our service offering





What you can expect when working with us

  • Expert Know how for your enterprise
  • Reducing costs and risks
  • Creating value
  • Achieving unique selling propositions
  • Receiving grants for investments and R&D
  • No interruption of your day-to-day-business
  • You can speed up your Time to Market
  • You can benefit from our broad networks






Robert Silberhorn (middle) with two of his colleagues

All partners are self-employed freelancers or consultants active in their companies. Conditions and agreements have to be negotiated and concluded directly with the respective consultant.


Alle Partner sind selbständige Freiberufler oder als Berater in eigenen Unternehmen tätig. Konditionen und Vereinbarungen sind jeweils mit den betreffenden Partnern direkt zu verhandeln und zu schließen.

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